Stop leaving your IDE to find the info you need
How to install Spellbook in your IDE

(Spellbook is supported in ALL JetBrains IDEs version 193.* or higher)

  1. Go to Gumroad and purchase a license for Spellbook.
  2. Once purchased, you will receive a license key and a link to download the plugin distribution zip file.
  3. Download the plugin distribution zip file.
  4. Install the plugin distribution zip file to any JetBrains IDE using the 'Install Plugin from Disk...' option in the 'Preferences/Settings' section of the IDE.
  5. Once installed, restart your IDE, open the Spellbook tool window and input your license key into the license key dialog in Spellbook to activate your license.

(NOTE: You can also search for and install Spellbook from the IDE 'Plugins' section just as you would any other IDE plugin.)

General Usage
Be more PRODUCTIVE in your IDE ⌚...
You don't have to leave your IDE to find that CSS snippet for centering divs or to find that linked list implementation anymore. Save it to your Evernote and find it with Spellbook later when you need it...Stay in your IDE and get more work done.
Access multiple Evernote accounts simultaneously 📓...
If you have multiple Evernote accounts, you can access each of them from Spellbook, giving you access to ALL of the information you archive in Evernote
Access your Evernote knowledge repository from any JetBrains IDE 🖥️...
Spellbook works in ALL JetBrains based IDEs including Intellij IDEA, PyCharm, WebStorm, DataGrip, PhpStorm, etc. Currently, IDE release versions 2020.1.0 and later are supported.
Evernote is a GREAT backend for your notes 🗒️...
Evernote provides a great service for creating a personal knowledge repository! A basic Evernote account is FREE! I ♥️ it and think you will too if you don't already.
Spellbook is actively developed and updated 🏗️...
I actively work to improve Spellbook with new features, enhancements, and bug fixes. If you encounter a bug, or would like to request a new feature or enhancement feel free to create an issue or send me an email for consideration in an upcoming release.
Getting Spellbook is EASY and CHEAP 🙏🏼!
A PERPETUAL use license can be purchased on Gumroad for only $5 💵 (USD)! Once purchased, your license is good FOREVER!!! You can also check out the feature limited, but ALWAYS FREE Spellbook Basic!